Car Maintenance: 4 Tips to Properly Maintain Your Car

So you’ve gotten a new ride and it feels cool moving around with it because it gives you an awesome experience. That excitement can be cut short if proper care and maintenance is not taken. This has been the case of many car owners, you do not want to experience that, do you?

Just like human beings, cars need proper care in different area to maintain top performance. If you want to get the best out of your car you are in the right place.

I will be sharing with you helpful ways as to which you properly maintain your car.


As a car owner, your safety should be a top priority each time you decide to drive. Your headlights are there for a reason; to aid you in low light conditions.

Headlights are an active safety system and the first line of defense on a car; if you cannot see object on the road ahead you will be unable to react when it comes to danger.

Proper maintenance of headlights increases the amount of objects you can see on the road as a driver, this in turn, makes it easier for you to react when in dangerous situations. So you ask what can I do to rectify that?

Replace your headlights before they get burnt-out: Many times, vehicles with burned out headlights can be seen traveling through dark roads, this posses great risk to not just the driver, but other road users. Driving your car has one headlight makes you see less of what you could see with two headlights. Always make effort to replace your headlights before they get burned out.

When replacing your headlights, make sure you replace both. Why? Well the reason is; headlights tends to lose their brightness over time. When a new headlight is paired up with an old one it causes your vision be in a non-uniform manner, this doesn’t affect only affects the driver, it affects other drivers in traffic.

Changing a vehicle’s headlights can help save your life and give you a better driving experience on the road. The better your headlights, the better your visibility will be on the road and this will help you to react quickly in hazardous situations.


Your tyres are the only thing between your car and the road. When your tyres are properly inflated and in good state, your safety and that of the car is maximized.

A tyre that is not well inflated or worn out, may lead to a loss of control in some situations.

Always check your tyre’s air pressure. Just like the oil in your engine, when the tyres are low in pressure; it may cause internal damage when it get lower.

Experts have said that it is important to rotate your tyres after every five thousand to seven thousand miles. This may sound inconveniencing but it’s believed that the design of modern cars causes the front tyres to wear out much faster than the rear tyres. Interchanging your front and back wheels makes them wear out evenly, which increases overall performance.

Alignment needs to be properly done. A vehicle that isn’t properly aligned will make the tyres wear out faster.

The easiest amongst all is that as a car owner you should always perform a visual inspection of your tyres regularly. Potholes seems to create cuts and visible damage on a tyre. This affects the internals of the tyre.

A periodic visual inspection of your tyres will help you identify damages before they lead to accidents.


As humans we tend to visit the hospital for routine check-up. Routine check-ups could enlighten us about our internal health issues that we don’t know about.

The same goes for cars, its continuous usage causes wear and tear in several components of the car. Your car needs to be serviced routinely to maintain its top performance. Just as human bodies, we may not see the internal damage. But when a vehicle is serviced periodically it increases the performance in all areas.

Don’t just drive, make out time to take your vehicle for check-ups which will make your car perform better.



Most accidents that occur are as a result of bad brake. Most drivers pay little to no attention to their brakes and this may cause fatal accidents when driving.

When the brakes are operating properly it ensure control. If you suspect any problems, be sure to call in the repair guy. There are some sign that needs to be taken into cognizance as a driver.

When you hear noises such as such as screeching or clicking sounds when the brakes are applied, you need to inform an engineer.

If your vehicle always pulls to one side when you apply breaks, it calls for concern.

The pedal nearly touching the ground before engagement is also a warning sign.

When the brakes gets hard and requires added pressure before it engages is another sign.

You should check out the brakes lights on the dashboard. In they turn on during brake application you need a repair man to check your brakes.

It is advisable to change your brakes because just like several other components, your brakes experience wear and tear which means you have to replace them with new ones. Some of the things that causes wear and tear on brakes includes; your driving pattern, your vehicle’s operating conditions and the quality of the brake’s lining material. Whatever you do, ensure you replace your brakes on time when it begins to malfunction, failure to do this may cause an expensive replacement of the rotor or drum.


Your car needs proper care and maintenance from time to time. Replacing of faulty parts on time doesn’t only increases the performance of the vehicle, it also ensures your safety on the road as a car owner.

Don’t take your ride for granted, take care of it and with that, you are taking care of yourself.