Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs S10 Plus Vs S10 Lite – Must Know

Over the years, the South Korean smartphone giant Samsung has released sophisticated devices in its S series. This year will be no exception as the company is set the release the Samsung Galaxy S10 which is an upgrade to its predecessor, the S9.

This year will see a change in status-quo as Samsung is to release three sets of the Galaxy S10; the S10, the S10 Lite and the S10 Plus. Samsung has decided to go the Apple-way. Apple made three variants of the iPhone 10, which is what Samsung seems to be doing. We’ve been used to seeing two variants over the years, but that is going to change this time around. Many believe the reason for the third variant(S10 Lite) is for those who can’t afford the other high end variants but still want to enjoy a good performance. So Samsung is using this method to cater for those who would like to enjoy the best all-round experience but can’t afford it due to its high price. Some experts do believe that, this is a means to compete with Apple’s iPhone 10XR which is its Lite version of the iPhone 10X.

Samsung will be adding some new features to the S10 series. They’ll also improve on most features of the S9 series. One of the new features we’ll see in the S10 series is the ‘One UI’, which will serve as Samsung’s new user interface. What is One UI?

This new interface, was launched during the Samsung Developer Conference, in which it also gave more details about the upcoming foldable phone which will also run the OneUI software.

One of the features of the new interface is that it can match the colour of the hardware, and the imagery shown during the keynote suggests we could be looking at silver, green, black, blue and red colour options for the Galaxy S10.

The software can also aid one-handed use with large-screen devices by adding larger thumbnails and icons and putting all the controls in the bottom half and leaving the top as a viewing area. There’s also a system-wide night mode.

Another new feature which we may see is the ‘Holographic display‘.

The S10 is rumoured to feature the ability to produce a holographic display via a patented design that was published at the end of November.

True innovations in smartphone technology have been rather scarce over the past few years, so the inclusion of some true Star Trek technology could be the ace up Samsung’s sleeve used to distance itself from its competition.

The design will use a relay lens, consisting of several microlenses, along with a spatial light modulator to display the hologram correctly when it is projected from the display as a beam of light.

This technology has a firm design around it too, it’s not just a nebulous idea so we’re very excited to see what comes of this. We’re not sure if this feature will make it onto the S10 or not, but we have our fingers crossed.

Samsung is set to launch these devices on February 20th, 2019. And it is believed that these devices will go on sale from March 8, 2019.

I’ll be comparing the three devices based on the specs that has been leaked over the past few months.

NOTE: The specifications to be used below are based on our leaks.


Samsung has consistently shown it prowess when it comes to display in smartphones. That trend will continue this year with the S10 series. The S10 will have a 6.1 inch super amoled, edge to edge screen.

The S10 Plus will see an increase in screen size, though very minimal. It will be having a 6.4 inch super amoled, curved display.

The S10 Lite on the other hand, will have a much smaller screen size than the S10 and the S10 Plus. The S10 Lite will spot a 5.8 inch display. Unlike the S10 and S10 plus, the S10 Lite will have a flat display. Whether it’ll spot a super amoled screen still remains to be seen.


Samsung has shown that it has the users at heart by keeping the SD CARD slot. That will continue this year, but when it comes to internal storage how much space will the S10 series have?

The S10 will equipped with between 128GB to 512GB of internal storage.

The biggest of the S10 series-the S10 Plus will spot between 128GB, 512GB and 1TB of ROM. The 1TB of ROM will be a huge leap forward as most smartphones stops at 512GBs of ROM.

One can already predict that there will be reduction in spec sizes when it comes to the S10 Lite. Well that seems to be the case as the S10 Lite will come with 128GB of internal storage.


With the increase in screen real estate one will expect a corresponding increase in battery capacity. The S10 and S10 Plus will see an additional 500mAh as an upgrade to the S9 and S9 Plus.

The S10 is set to have a 3500mAh battery capacity, while its elder brother the S10 Plus will be packed with 4000mAh battery.

Samsung has given the S10 Lite a 3000mAh battery, which is okay in respect to its features.



The Google Pixel 3 was the first smartphone to be released with Android 9.0. Some OEMs have begin rolling out the Android 9.0 update to their devices.

Samsung has joined the moving train as all three devices are set have the latest version of Android.

Samsung has said that its recently launched UI the One UI will be seen in the S10 series.


Both the S10 and S10 Plus will be secured using the optical fingerprint scanner.

The Lite Version will use an ultrasonic fingerprint technology.

In terms of camera we’re still in the dark as leaks have shown much. Many believe that the two high end devices will have five cameras, three at the back and two in front.


Which would you be going for when Samsung begin sales in March? The S10, the S10 Phone or the S10 Lite?